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A little help when you need it. Cleaning, catering, pets, parties, personal assistant, literally anything you need. Friendly and reliable. 07521 748 629
Guildford, Surrey, London, Services: Art, Babysitting, Beauty, Cars, Catering, Children’s parties, Cleaning, Coaching, Crisis, Decluttering, Dinner parties, Drinks, Flowers, Health and wellbeing, Home search, House parties, Interior design, Ironing, Legal, Marketing events, Moving, packing, storage Music lessons Orientation Personal assistant, Personal shopping, Pets, Restaurants, School search, Settling in, Sports lessons, Tickets, Travel, Tutoring, Weddings
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07521 748 629 | | 07400 198 775


Amazing. Brilliant service. Great people. Hardworking and my home is always sparkling and bright after the Good Life Company have been.

Maria, Cobham


The Good Life Company are very professional. I have the same cleaners every week. And they work very hard, listen to what I need and are friendly and happy and so it is good to have them in my home.

Nick, Guildford


I take it for granted that the house will always be immaculate every week after the Good Life Company have cleaned. Thank you, Rebeka. I appreciate it.

James, Albury.



A party for 60 of my closest friends in my garden was absolutely fantastic. Everything went so well. The planning, the food, the decoration, the cleaning up. All perfect.

Richard, Guildford


The Good Life Company organised my daughter’s surprise 17th birthday party. They did it excellently. She was so happy. Very cool decorations. Great food. And clever low alcohol cocktails. The music was all down to my daughter though.

Sofia, Guildford


The Good Life Company organised our wedding in Italy. They helped make it the best day of our life.

Danny and Rachel, Dorset


Gift Vouchers

The vouchers were a great gift for a friend who was struggling. It made a big difference to her. The Good Life Company were fantastic.

Eliza, Bentley


These vouchers were one of the best presents I have ever given my wife.

Stuart, Puttenham


I gave the Good Life Vouchers Company vouchers to my daughter after she had her second baby. It made a massive difference. Definitely recommended.

Wendy, Woking.


A little help at home when you need it.