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A little help when you need it. Cleaning, catering, pets, parties, personal assistant, literally anything you need. Friendly and reliable. 07521 748 629
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Gift vouchers

07521 748 629 | | 07400 198 775

If a friend that you love or member of your family could do with a little help, gift them some of our cleaning time and let us make their lives better.


The concept is simple. You buy your friend 5, 10, or 20 hours of our time. We’ll send them a beautiful letter explaining how much you care for them and how your gift means we will do everything we can to improve their lives. We’ll meet them and agree with them how best to use your gift. Or perhaps they might keep it in reserve for when they need it. Whatever the plan is, you gift will make a positive difference to their lives.


The price of our cleaning gift vouchers are


5 hours: £80

10 hours: £150

20 hours: £280


Gift vouchers for our other services are also available.


Give us a call and lets talk about how we can make your friend’s everyday life a lot more joyful.

A little help at home when you need it.